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            Made of cold-formed thin-walled steel structure, new structural board and other insulation and decorative materials, the building system is produced and assembled on site by the factory. Made of the cold-formed thin-walled steel structure, the system is characterized by low sectional dimension and light weight, with the usable area 5%-8% greater than that of a traditional building, greatly reducing the foundation price; thanks to the unique wall bearing system, the indoor layout is more flexible; made of low-carbon environment-friendly building materials, the highly-effective and energy-saving green building is more durable and safer, and is of good aseismatic, waterproof, thermal and insulation properties.


Wall system

The wall mainly consists of wall stud, top beam, bottom beam, support, wallboard and connections. Generally, the internal cross wall is used as the bearing wall of the structure, and the wall column is made of C-type light steel structure. The wall thickness is subject to the load borne, and the distance between wall columns is generally 400~610 mm. This structure may effectively bear and reliably transfer vertical loads, and is convenient to arrange.

Floor system

The lightweight and high-strength floor system is made of unique airtight microcellular structure and air-borne sound insulation layer, and is easily installed, with a strong bearing capacity.

Roof system

The roof system consists of the roof truss, structural panel, waterproof layer and light roofing tiles, and a variety of combinations are available.




1.Foundation construction
2.Framework assembly
3.Wall construction
4.Roof construction
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